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Yatzy time

Sunday 26 october

Today I met up with Linn and Tord. We went out to buy some yummy stuff.

My hair and Tords legs. :P

Linn tried to take a photo of me but that didn't go so well. My hair and Tords legs.
Me and Linn went into the shop and left Tord by himself outside. Well we didn't leave him there... He didn't want to go with us.
Inside we had a oh so big problem. What fatty stuff shall we buy? Poor Tord.. He had to stand outside in the cold while we tried to decide.

Fatty stuff

And the winner is.. *drum roll*

Linn with cheez doodles (and Tord in the mirror.)


And after a lot of: "Viiida, please, please pleeeeaase" I said yes to take a photo of us.

Momo and Cookie ^^

The photo came out quite nice.
Aaanyways.. We went home to Linn and started to play YATZY! Wooot! Except for Tord. He wanted to be a little bitch and watch TV instead of playing with us. Meh.. we had a good time playing without him.

Bahahha I kicked her ass in Yatzy! BWAHAHAHA!

Hahaha she is so pretty. haha

Tord being booring.

It goes up and down

It's strange how my mood can change from feeling like life is so wonderful to feeling like everything is going against me.  It doesn't need mush to bring me down...
Yesterday started wonderfully craptastic. I had to be at Studium at 1 o'clock to  take a Swedish test. And guess what... It didn't go that well. As always.. *sigh*
So I wasn't in the best mood but I thought to myself, "How do I cheer myself up?". Well, buy a CD of course.So I went to Bengans and bought:

 Versailles - Noble

Versailles - Noble

That made me so happy. I LOVE getting new stuff! YEY!!
Then I met up with Lilas and I followed her to the post office to get her stuff that she ordered from the net. And of course I get a little jealous that she got her stuff before I get my CD that I ordered. Because I really wanted that CD. So once again my mood went down. (Not that mush because I had a fun time with Lilas.)
When I got home, to my surprise, there was a package to me. IT WAS MY BELOVED AND WAITED CD!
The best autumn album there is (in my opinion that is..).

 Hyde - Roentgen

Hyde - Roentgen

It's finally here! And oh it's sooo wonderful!

Today started with me and my mum going to press stop and buying some magazines. I bought a german magazine that I don't understand a word off. You're wondering why the hell I would buy a german magazine. Well... there is always japanese artists in it so I buy it and then I cut the pictures out off the magazine. Yes I know... I am obsessed.
Anyway.. Later today I met up with Jennie. We sat down at cafe tin tin  and we sat there a couple of hours just talking about random stuff. Fun fun, fun indeed.  I haven't seen her in a while. She has a lott off university stuff she has to do. Good for her.
While we sat at the cafe it was pouring down rain outside.  REALLY pouring down. It was quite nice actually.
Tomorrow is going to be a cleaning my room day. Noo fun at all. But it has to be done. Blah...

Meeting at the coffeeshop.

Time goes by so fast. It's monday again. And that means coffee  and stuff with Yasmin and Lilas. Today was a little different. Instead of Jennie, Linn was with us. YEY! It would have been fun if Jennie was with us to... but we had fun without her to.
Here are some photos from today (i stole them from Linn and Yasmin haha sorry).

  Lilas and Yasmin eating a huge chocolate cake. 

Lilas and Yasmin eating a huge chocolate cake.

Lilas and Yasmin eating a huge chocolate cake.

Lilas and Yasmin eating a huge chocolate cake.

  Yasmin with moooney. Well it isn't her money. She stole it from Lilas :P 

Yasmin with moooney. Well it isn't her money. She stole it from Lilas :P

  My darling Linn! 

My darling Linn!

  Darlin' Linn looking pretty as always :P

Darlin' Linn looking pretty as always :P

  The biggest posers ever :D 

The biggest posers ever :D

There isn't any photos of me. Well they tried to take some but you know me, I HATE being photographed. 

Oh! And I almost forgot...


It's his 60th birthday today!


It was her 61th birthday two weeks (was it three weeks?) ago!


R.I.P Lee Eon

Oh god! I just found out that Lee Eon [Park Sang-min] is dead!He was killed in a motorcycle accident.He was on his way home following the wrap party for KBS’s "Strongest Chil Woo" early on the morning of August 21. He was riding a motorcycle and ran into the guardrail of the overpass, and is said to have died almost immediately. Just the night before, he had been onscreen in Chil Woo’s finale episode. He was just 27 years old.I loved him in "Coffee Prince" and "Who Are You?" and I was just going to se him in "Strongest Chil Woo".

I love motorcycles but there has been so many motorcycle accidents where korean celebrities has died. It wasn't long ago that Kim Min Soo of Monday Kiz was killed in a motorcycle accident. And when he died it wasn't the first time he was in a motorcycle accident. He had been in one before and was almost killed then. He was warded for four months in hospital that time.
It's so sad when these things happen.I get so sad because even if I don't know them personally it still feels like one of my friends have died. Maybe that's silly but it still hurts.

 Lee Eon

RIP Lee Eon

RIP Lee Eon

 Kim Min Soo

RIP Kim Min Soo

RIP Kim Min Soo

So wherever you are I hope you are in a better place...

This is for you...

Someone Like You..

The name of the song is "Someone Like You". And Oh my god it's soo good! It was hard to find the song and I can't paste the song here but you can listen to it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD1HAnVO6Ao

"This can't be real
My heart is burning
How does it feel
Well let's say I'm learning
It had to come
The ship has landed
It's time to run
The crew are stranded"

Now I can sleep well tonight!



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